Forestbucker Web Service

Real-time monitoring and reporting

  • Securely connect all stakeholders from any location to the web service

  • Works with current logging equipment and machinery

  • Access the web service with any web browser

  • Real-time production and operations reporting

  • Access new process- and cutting-instructions from any location

  • Operators record downtime events

  • Forest equipment monitoring

  • Operational statistics is automatically collected and recorded

  • When an internet connection becomes available all data is automatically synchronized to the Web Service

  • Build in analytic tools for real-time data analyses

  • StanForD compatibility

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Inventory recording

  • Loader equipped with scale

  • Weighbridge

  • True-shape volume scanning

  • Data entered manually

StanForD compatibility

The StanForD (Standard for Forest machine Data and Communication) system is designed to work with current logging equipment and machinery. The ForestBucker software can save cut-plans as StanForD APT files. APT files can be loaded in the on-board computer systems of forest harvesters. Production data can be imported from StanForD PRI files.