Forestbucker Web Service

It is all about productivity, value recovery and safety
  • Securely connect all stakeholders from any location to the web service
  • StanForD compatibility to work with current logging equipment and machinery
  • Access the web service with any web browser
  • Real-time production and operations overview reporting
  • Access new process- and cutting-instructions from any location
  • Operators record downtime events
  • Forest equipment monitoring
  • Operational statistics is automatically collected and recorded
  • When an internet connection becomes available all data is automatically synchronized to the Web Service
  • Build in analytic tools for real-time data analyses
The Web Service can be integrated into any forestry operation.
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Record production data with:

  • Forest harvester files
  • Android application
  • Windows application
  • stem/log scanner
  • LOADRITE scale
  • Weighbridge or a Truck-scale

Features provided by the Web Service:

  • Securely connect all stakeholders with valid access to the Web Service. Only users specified by you will be able to access the site.
  • The Service provides data hosting and a reporting interface for storing the information and analyzing data from the processing equipment.
  • All production and downtime data is automatically recorded by the software to ensure accurate and reliable data reporting.
  • Informs managers and operators in real time on parameters such as utilization, productivity, operational status and downtime causes.
  • Creates measurable productivity gains across a range of critical activities.
  • Improves efficiency by enabling users to control operating costs.
  • The System fully embraces the industry standard, StanForD (Standard for Forest machine Data and Communication).
  • Other specialized features can be added as the software is customizable for your specific application.
  • Electronics123 maintains and supports the Web Service on a 24/7 basis.
  • Every company or logging contractor has their own internet address to access their information.

Access to new process- and cutting-instructions

It is of paramount importance that the harvesting contractor be informed and responds to new process-instructions when published. The contractor has to implement new cutting instructions when requested. This page give instant access to new process-instructions and cutting instructions.

StanForD compatibility

The StanForD (Standard for Forest machine Data and Communication) system is designed to work with current logging equipment and machinery. The ForestBucker software can save cut-plans as StanForD APT files. APT files can be loaded in the on-board computer systems of forest harvesters. Production data can be imported from StanForD PRI files.

View production and operational status reports

Harvesting contractors can record problems experienced at the site that affects production. Problems are logged by selecting the reason that best describes the low production figures of the day. The ForestBucker web service can display real time reports of the production / operational issues experienced at the site to assist management with improving the logging operations.
  • Report production by: Process location, Process unit, Operator, Forest, Stand or Landing with interval of Hour, Day, Week, Month or Year
  • Report operational events by: Operator shift hours and downtime causes
  • Report Key Performance Indicators: Volume, Average stem volume and length, Shift uptime and downtime hours

Real-time logging operations monitoring and reporting

The chart below shows the logging operations for 20 Forest Harvesters