The ForestBucker Log Optimising System developed by ELECTRONICS123 Ltd provides a balance between harvesting production and log value recovery by increasing the profitability for the forest owner, harvesting contractor and sawmill. With the ForestBucker system any operator becomes a top log-maker, producing consistent high value and in-specification logs. Free trials of the ForestBucker system are now available.

1. Significantly Improve Log Value Recovery

The ForestBucker system can be assembled in the forest at the harvesting site on sloped and/or uneven terrain and can scan sweep, wobble and diameters with sawmill precision to assure the best cut positions for the stem. This results in increased recovery and value from every log and increases stem value by up to 20%. Given the current annual harvest in New Zealand, even a 10% added value will benefit the industry in the amount of over $70 million per year.

2. In-Specification Log-Making

The ForestBucker makes use of a full-profile 3D true-shape scanning system for the entire length of the tree and ELECTRONICS123 Ltd offers the best technology for this process by using JoeScan JS-20 scanners. The instruments are fast, accurate and reliable. We have developed the ProfileIt-3D software for this scanner to communicate with the ForestBucker to ensure all logs are graded to specification. This System virtually eliminates measurement errors and miscalculation of volume and value. Log sorts usually range from 7 to 16 as specified by the saw mill’s cut plan and can be accommodated by the software; however, the program can easily be switched to cover more or less log sorts.

3. Outperform Human Log-Makers

The ForestBucker system employs newly developed exhaustive search algorithms for more accurate log modeling to optimise for value at the bucking stage. This assures the best log grades for every stem, outperforming human log-makers in both value recovery and speed by executing millions of calculations per second. It typically takes less than a minute to scan and optimise a stem and the ForestBucker machine never complains about the weather or long working hours. The system may be regarded as a highly skilled log-maker and assists management with the problems of log grade complexity, worker shortage and labour turnover.

4. Increase Overall Competitiveness

The ForestBucker system increases overall competitiveness in the ever-changing forest production market. The system improves productivity and builds profits for the user, which is particularly important now that the forest industry is facing more challenges than ever before. The past 2 years ELECTRONICS123 Ltd has developed this highly innovative machine, which is capable of optimising stems with sawmill precision at your forest harvesting site. Frequently situations occur where the economies of scale are unattainable because the harvesting areas are small. The average harvest area size in New Zealand is about 15ha. After that area is harvested the harvest settings need to be shifted to the next harvest block. The ForestBucker system performs very well in this situation because it can be relocated quickly. Your company will significantly benefit by getting the most value for every stem and all other production processes downstream.

5. Improved Wood Flow Management and Control

We have developed the Log Grade Manager program to enable the user to set priorities for specific log products like volume and value, but can easily switch to the log grades that are presently on order at the sawmills. This real time log grade switching property of the ForestBucker system improves profitability and significantly benefits all stakeholders; forest owners, harvesting contractors and sawmills. The System provides the best match of log supply to customer demands.

6. Capturing Production Data

All stem information is captured and stored in the database of the ForestBucker system for real-time reporting and analysis by management. This data can be used to detect logistical imperfections of the harvesting operation and to improve production and consider alternatives.

7. Evaluations and Predictions

The information captured in the database of the ForestBucker system can be used by management to evaluate the forest with a simulated model of the remaining trees by extrapolating results of the harvesting operation up to date. This information gives an estimate and quantifies the expected log volumes and value to the forest owner. The best decisions can then be made when choosing between new options (i.e. model A log bucking solution or model B log bucking solution) by calculating potential yields for each option based on different sawmill requirements. This can be done by instructing the program to virtually re-optimise bucked stems.

8. Improved Safety

With joystick and remote control technology the operator in the loader/processing machine scans the stems with the ForestBucker. The scanned data is radio transmitted to the bucker in the cabin of his machine to be viewed on a flat panel monitor. Video cameras mounted with the scanners provide the bucker with a real-time, high definition image of the stems to evaluate knots and defects. The best bucking solution is displayed by the software to the bucker seated in the cabin of his machine. With the scanner trolley remotely controlled the operator stays out of harm’s way. The System lowers the cost and social impact of accidents and makes harvesting jobs safer and more desirable for workers.

9. Tailored Software

No computer program, no matter how sophisticated, will suit all possible combinations for the forest to be harvested. The following factors must be accounted for: physical characteristics of the plantation, different harvest options, equipment to be used by the contractor and the sawmill requirements. To make sure that the maximum value is extracted from your forest, the software used by the ForestBucker will be custom tailored to your specific harvesting needs and sawmill cut plan.

10. Risk Free Test

Electronics123 Ltd is inviting you to have a free trial to test the ForestBucker machine at your location. If you wish to take advantage of the opportunity to test the ForestBucker for free, please complete the registration form on our website www.forestbucker.com or return the included form by mail.