ForestBucker Stem Scanner

ForestBucker™ Stem Scanner is a portable tree stem scanner and value optimiser.

The system will automatically scan and scale a delimbed tree and then calculate the optimal log-grade solution for the stem. ForestBucker is designed to operate at or near the tree harvesting site.

Scanning and scaling the stem, before the bucking decisions are made, yields maximum value for the stem. ForestBucker does millions of calculations to ensure that the highest value is obtained for every stem.

With ForestBucker any operator becomes a top log-maker producing high value and in-specification logs.

Advantage of using the ForestBucker solution:
  • Get up to 20% more harvested forest value
  • In-specification log-making
  • True-shape scanning and tree length optimisation for maximum log value recovery
  • True-shape and JAS volume scaling
  • Sweep, wobble and diameter calculation
  • Defect detection using deep learning
  • Improved wood flow and wood supply chain management
  • Use proven and reliable sawmill scanning technology at the harvest location
  • Keep log production and quality high in all weather conditions
  • Improved safety through remote control technology
  • Low running costs
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database for easy integration with other applications

10 Good reasons to use the ForestBucker

The system can easily integrate with your current logging operations. Using a stem loader or forest harvester stems are loaded on the stem bed and then scan and graded by the operator. The stem is then manually cut, or processed by the forest harvester, into the best available log grades.

ForestBucker can also be used at the sawmill, to test if logs are in-specification and for re-grading logs.

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Introducing the ForestBucker

ForestBucker in operation at forest landing/skid site

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ForestBucker Specifications

  • Scan and optimise 230 stems (to produce 600+ cubic meters of logs) per 8 hour shift
  • Scan a delimbed tree with length up to 38 m (can be extended)
  • Stem diameter 8 cm to 75 cm (for optimal performance)
  • Diameter scanned every 2 cm
  • Handle stem sweep up to 140 cm
  • Sweep, wobble and diameter measurement accuracy: 1 cm
  • Knot and defect recording resolution: 1 cm
  • Scanning technology: True-shape 3D scanning and full stem optimising
  • True-shape volume calculation
  • Terrain unevenness: 90 cm
  • Terrain slope: 200 cm over 36 m
  • Typically scan and optimise a tree in less than a minute
  • Takes 4 hours to setup on a new site

ForestBucker Components

  • 10 x Stem bed support beams
  • 10 x Trolley track sections
  • 2 x Profile scanners
  • 2 x Video cameras
  • Self powered scan trolley
  • Netbook computer with ProfileIt-3D Stem Scanner and Value Optimiser plus joystick
  • Notebook computer with Log Grade Manager installed
  • Laser datum tool

ProfileIt-3D Stem Scanner and Value Optimiser with Joystick control
ProfileIt-3D Stem Scanner and Optimiser software
 Log Grade Manager
3D Profile scanner
Please Note: Specifications and performance can differ depending on the specific configuration.

ForestBucker Profile-it 3D Software

Profile-it 3D™ is a Windows based software component of the ForestBucker system. It uses true-shape 3D scanning and tree-length optimisation to provide maximum forest value recovery. The software remotely controls the scanner trolley to automatically scan stem properties like diameters, volume, length, sweep and wobble. Video cameras mounted on the trolley provide video and images of the stem to enable an operator to record additional stem properties like knots and other defects. Read more...